J. Christian Pérez

Principal investigator

Hailey Nussbaum

Research Assistant I

General lab management; plasmid and strain construction; assists senior lab members with molecular biology experiments.


Mazen Oneissi

Research Assistant II

Mazen is dissecting the host cell signal(s) that trigger(s) the activation of a C. albicans regulator of virulence. A second project explores the metabolic niche that C. albicans occupies in the mammalian intestine.


Kieu Pham


Kieu investigates the interplay between the gut bacterial commensal Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and the fungus C. albicans. Specifically, she is exploring the function of several B. theta genetic determinants of fitness in the murine gut during co-colonization with C. albicans.


Diana Rodríguez Ortega


Diana is dissecting the role of a C. albicans family of transcription regulators which contributes to the establishment of mucosal infections. A second project looks at the responses elicited by C. albicans in the mammalian gut, particularly in murine intestinal epithelial cells.


Elena Lindemann-Pérez

Senior Scientist

Elena has broad expertise in Illumina sequencing projects and is interested in single-cell transcript analyses. She is developing approaches to capture, measure and compare the transcriptome of Candida cells that occupy distinct microcompartments in the intestine and other host tissues.

Lab Alumni

Doctoral students

Philipp Reuter-Weissenberger (2017-2021)

Marie-Therese Eckstein (2016-2020)

Valentina del Olmo Toledo (2015-2019)

Lena Boehm (2015-2019)


Sergio Moreno-Velasquez (2017-2020)

Juliane Meir (2016-2020)

Shweta Fulsundar (2016-2017)

Pedrina Vidigal (2014-2015)

Research Assistants

Stanley Odidika (2018-2019)

Sanda Torsin (2015 -2018)

Su Hlaing Tint (2014-2015)

Bachelor thesis or Master Students / Interns

Mara Henrich (2020)

Tobias Ludwig (2016-2017)

Prathibha Muralidhara (2014)

Sonakshi De (2014)

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